Web Page Design for Personal & Business
If you are spending $150 to $250 a month to host and service your personal or business web site for your small business you are paying way to much money.

ComWay Communications Corp™ specializes in creating basic web sites, tailored to your needs with ease, and getting a small business or personal web site on the Internet for as little as $39.98 a page. Domain name and hosting is a separate charge from ComWay Communications Corp™ site creation. We recommend Hostagator which will run approximately $110.72 per year. Shopping charts and SSL are also separate services and will be billed through Hostagator or a third party vendor!

Please See Terms of the contract below.
Contract Terms
ComWay Communications Corp™ aggress to provide and create your personal or business web site using basic HTML WYSIWYG Editor (either custom made or template style) for $39.98 a page and upload to Hostagator web hosting service. Hosting is a separate charge from the web page creation services. Alternately you agree to to pay an additional $16.88 a year to have ComWay Communications Corp™ host your site under it's ComWay Communications Corp™ domain under business or personal sub directory. Sample: http://www.comwaycommunications.com/Business/B/BountifulMaytag/

The $39.98 service fee is due upon completion of your page page. Accepted payment methods are: cash, personal or business check payable to ComWay Communications Corp.™, or PayPal® for VISA® or MASTER Card® payments.

Basic HTML Defined: Web page use a code that is call Hyper Text Mark Language (5) or know as HTML5.  This code give a web page the basic information for creating a background fonts, placing of images, links and sound files on Personal or Business web site; and determines the high, width, overall web page and placement of banners are all considered Basic HTML5 elements.

Any designs that call for fields, forms, or other information gathering methods to be stored in a database or other storage medium are considered advanced elements of HTML5 and are offered through third parties at additional charge.

HTML5 advance elements are forms that save user data of responses and/or have the following  embedded or require the following to work: Java, Flash, Layers, Perl, and Php and MySQL and SQL data base. 
ComWay Communications Corp™ will incorporate your personal or business images into your web page (be sure to keep copies as we cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event of loss of files). ComWay Communications Corp™  has over 5,000 clipart images and 1,000 high-quality photos to help get your ideas across to the viewers of your web site. All are standard graphics used in CorelDraw Suite X4. ComWay Communications has a multitude of  3D artwork that can be used for still images from Daz Studio and Renderosity and RunTime DNA Inc. Custom 3D compositions are available from ComWay Communications Corp™ for an additional fee.
ComWay Communications Corp™ has over 10 professional business templates to choose from for your personal or business needs.  Click here for complete list of templates
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